Beauty in Simplicity

Inspired by the Thai minimalist lifestyle, Shuhorny was created to deliver sustainable solutions to simplify your life. In the fast-paced world we live in today, we're here to help you eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. Our flagship product, does just that.

Founder of Shuhorny


Even with my favorite pair of sneakers on, it's difficult to keep up with the pace and pressure of contemporary life. When I moved to Thailand, I was blown away by the cultural mindset I encountered: simply, less is more. I lived in the small town of Sukhothai for a year, where I found that people seemed much more content. Big brand names carried little weight; their lives were enriched by different values. A strong sense of community and interpersonal connection combined with material minimalism formed the basis for an easy-going, supportive and uncomplicated lifestyle.

Freed from distractions and surrounded by Thailand's natural beauty, I felt locked into creative flow and mindful decision-making came surprisingly easily. Shuhorny was born from a desire to celebrate the power of nature around me and share this experience of beauty in simplicity with the rest of the world. Crafting shoehorns with Thailand's ultra-sustainable bamboo just made sense: a fitting tribute to the country I learned from, the planet we live on, and the shoes I love to wear.

An advocate of a simple life!

Large Shpoon

Ethically sourced from northern Thailand

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Medium Shpoon

Handcrafted by local Thai artisans

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Small Shpoon

100% natural and chemical-free

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